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Image by Camylla Battani
Sacred Mother Care & Transpersonal Healing

Ceremony & Ritual

Honor life's changes with sacred space and gentle guidance. 

Ayurvedic Postpartum Care

Nurture yourself with compassionate care throughout your sacred postpartum window. 

Transpersonal Healing

Set yourself free with transformative healing for your mind, body, and Soul. 

The space Mara provides is absolutely refreshing. I never once felt judged in any way. I was allowed to show up in my own personal way, experience deep emotions, and share myself fully. These experiences have been pivotal in my emotional and spiritual growth.



You are held.

Mama Ojas is lovingly offered by Mara Holloway - a Mother, Postpartum Ayurdoula, and Transpersonal Healing Practitioner. With nearly a decade of experience helping women recover their own personal power and truth, Mara is passionate about helping women enter into motherhood and beyond with ease, grace, and empowerment.

She serves mamas in Northern Colorado and offers virtual services for families in her broader community. 

Yoga at Home


(pronounced oh-jus) is synonymous with immunity in Ayurveda. It is responsible for the luster in our eyes, as well as the
radiance and vitality within our energy field. Like the body’s natural honey, Ojas is a delicate and refined essence produced from the vital forces we take in.

Ayurveda explains that it takes around forty days for the essence of food to become Ojas and reach all seven tissues of the body. This is the sacred postpartum window. A forty-day time span of deep renewal and profound transformation - a time for building mama's Ojas to ensure a healthy, happy forty years to come.

It is said that
abundant Ojas in the mother creates love and compassion that she passes on to her baby. When mothers receive the proper support after birth, their Ojas is strong. This vitality is then shared through the flow of her breastmilk - providing her infant with a foundation of good health. In this way, they both begin their new lives from a place of strength, love, and vitality.

I acknowledge, with respect, that the land I am on today is the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute Nations and peoples. I recognize the Indigenous peoples as original stewards of this land and all the relatives within it.

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