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Welcome, beautiful soul.

I'm Mara and I'm here to support you.


As a postpartum Ayurdoula and Transpersonal healing facilitator, I'm here to support you on your journey to health and wholeness - in whatever form that may take. 

I believe that motherhood is a rite of passage - a sacred initiation deserving of honor, devotion, allowing, and tender care. 

I entered into sacred mother care after years of working in roles that support women in a range of contexts, particularly those escaping severe trauma and abuse. Their stories live within me and continue to propel me toward an insatiable yearning to 'mother the mothers'. 


 My academic studies have taught me a great deal, but nothing prepares you in the healing field quite like lived experience. Giving birth to my son and crossing the veil of motherhood opened me to a world unlike anything I've ever known. No book, no course, no elder can truly prepare you for the transition of motherhood.  

While our birth was beautiful, the days that followed were far from empowering. My initiation into motherhood was filled with overwhelm, loneliness, confusion, confliction, and a level of fatigue I couldn't begin to describe. It opened me wide and gradually I softened into surrender. On the other side, I met the woman I was becoming and in her grace, I vowed to be a lighthouse for other women as they navigate through unknown waters

In the days following your birth, it is my primary intention that you are seen, loved, validated, appreciated, deeply nurtured, and fully supported on your journey into motherhood and beyond.

xoxo Mara

Heading 1

Mara Holloway, MA, NLC, PCD


  • Nearly a decade of supporting women to live full, embodied lives.

  • 8 years of personal and collective healing through shamanic divination and soul retrieval.

  • Two years (but actually lifetimes) of mothering and breastfeeding. 

  • An eternity of healing, creating and caring.


Registered Psychotherapist

Full-Spectrum Doula
Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings, 2022  (in training)

Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula
The Center for Sacred Window Studies, 2021

Ayurvedic Belly Binding
Inner Sun & Moon, 2022

Herbal Ghee Making

Inner Sun & Moon, 2022

Past Life Soul Regression 
The RavenHeart Center Training Institute, 2017

Trauma Informed Art Therapy 

Boulder Art Therapy Collective, 2017

Transpersonal Counseling: Art Therapy
Naropa University, 2016 
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