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Ayurvedic Postpartum Care


Mothering the Mother


Ancestors in all corners of the world have tended to the moments following birth with great care and reverence. Within each cultural tradition, there is a common thread of deep nurturing, warmth, honor, and support given to the new mother.  The wisdom held within these customs is rooted in the understanding that a healthy mother is required for a healthy baby, and ultimately, a healthy Earth. 

According to Ayurveda, the 42 days after birth is a sacred window in time when the mother's tissues are quite delicate and supple. This sets the stage for a powerful transformation. When cared for properly, the mother can have a deeply healing experience - potentially transforming her body to be healthier than it was before pregnancy

Mother and Daughter

Sacred mother care begins during pregnancy. 

To help ease your transition into motherhood and prepare for your sacred postpartum window, all packages include a 60-minute prenatal consultation and free resources

In your prenatal consultation we will:

  • Discuss the basics of life after birth and how we can prepare for tending to the postpartum mother.

  • Assess mother's prenatal (and general) health, discuss preferred foods, and develop a plan for establishing balance during her sacred window.

  • Explore how to best prepare your space for creating nourishing postpartum meals.

  • Learn how to give yourself a loving oil massage (abhyanga).  You'll have the opportunity to learn infant abhyanga once baby arrives.

As my gift to you, you'll receive the following resources free of charge

  • ​Mother's Manual - An interactive guide with thoughtful reflections and strategies to help you successfully prepare for life after baby.  ​

  • Nourishing Mama - My original e-book, Nourishing Mama: First Foods for Your Sacred Window, offers Ayurvedic perspectives on the postpartum period, satisfying meal plans, and delicious recipes. 

  • Resources for Pregnancy and Beyond - A resource guide to help you begin building your village of support. 

  • New Mama Affirmations - An audio file of comforting affirmations for new mothers to uplift your spirits when it all feels like too much. Gentle reminders that you're doing just fine. 


In-Home Postpartum Care 

I offer holistic, mother-centered postpartum care for families in Northern Colorado. Packages are flexible to meet the needs of each unique family and range from one week of compassionate care to full-spectrum support throughout your sacred window. 

All services listed are included but may rotate based on the needs of the mother and family. 


Full Moon

6 weeks of care 

Half Moon

3 weeks of care

Mini Moon

1 week of care

Packages Include:​

  • 60-minute prenatal consultation and resources to prepare for your sacred window 

  • Two weekly home visits for the duration of our time together. Each day consists of 4-6 hours of services and support.

  • Full ayurvedic health and digestion assessment + helpful recommendations to keep you in balance during your sacred window

  • Ayurvedic meals, snacks, and herbal preparations  (made specifically for you).

  • Emotional support and counsel

  • Postpartum warm oil massage with instruction for mother (and baby if desired)

  • New Mother Sealing Ceremony

  • Regular healing herbal baths

  • Regular belly binding for consistent healing
  • Guidance with lactation support if needed

  • Recommended herbal support​

  • Recommendation and connections to local resources 


An example of what a typical day looks like can be found here


In an effort to make this care available and accessible for families, I provide several options for payment including incremental payment plans. 

During your free consultation, we can discuss postpartum care packages that will be most beneficial for you and, together, find payment options that work best for your family. 

Image by Nia Ramirez

Indivdual Services


  • Postpartum Planning - Needing guidance as you approach the postpartum period? I can walk you through a customized postpartum plan. We will discuss managing visitors after baby arrives, nourishment, who will be taking over household chores and errands, expectations vs. reality, preparing sibling(s) for the new baby, and ways to nurture your own selfhood as a parent (includes a free Mother's Manual  (90 minutes; video conference call).

  • New Mother Sealing Ceremony - The perfect way to honor your transition into motherhood. This ceremony includes Postpartum Abhyanga, womb blessing, Ayurvedic belly wrap, and healing herbal bath.​

  • Ayurvedic Belly Binding -  Includes light herbal womb massage, traditional Ayurvedic belly bind with muslin fabric, and instructions for how to wrap yourself for consistent healing. 

  • Healing Waters Ceremony - Soften and connect deeply with yourself. Includes a warm bath with intentionally selected herbs, flowers, and candles, aromatherapy treatment, and gentle sound therapy. 


Let's get you set up for a restorative sacred window. 

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