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New mothers don't need jewelry or fancy trinkets, they need to be held and nurtured.


This year, honor a mother you love with a full day of tender postpartum care and nourishment - a gift that will replenish her for years to come. 

This package includes: 

  • Herbal womb blessing

  • Warm herbal bath with fresh flowers

  • Ayurvedic belly wrap

  • Nourishing food

  • Herbal tea infusions

  • Emotional support & birth story integration

  • Light housekeeping

This book is a labor of love for families navigating the postpartum period. These meals are designed to nourish you deeply, heal your body, support lactation, and aid digestion for both you and your baby (if breastfeeding).


Inside you'll find:

  • The essentials of Ayurvedic principles for postpartum.

  • Ancient wisdom to help you heal and replenish yourself after birth. 

  • Weekly menu plans to carry you throughout your 40-day sacred postpartum window.

  • Plenty of meal options each week to keep you satisfied. 

  • A collection of over 50 delicious and fortifying recipes.

  • Herbal supports for relaxation and renewal. 

  • Pantry lists so you always know what to have on hand.

  • Weekly "pro tips" to keep you ahead of the game.

  • Guidance for the significant phases of the sacred window and much, much, more... 

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