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What a typical day of Postpartum Care looks like

Here is a general breakdown of what you can expect each day when I care for you in your home postbirth.  

Scheduling is flexible as we will be honoring mother and baby’s rhythms:​


  • Arrive around 9 or 10 am.

  • Check-in with the mother/ family to see how's she's feeling, how her healing and digestion is going, and any important information I should know. 

Cooking and herbal preparations:

  • Prepare mother's daily herbal remedies and serve her a warm breakfast (if she hasn't eaten already).

  • Begin cooking lunch and dinner.

  • Prepare appropriate snacks, Ayurvedic herbal tonics, and shakes for breastfeeding support and healing.

  • Serve mother warm foods and herbal supports in her bed or resting area throughout the day.​

** All the foods are very specific to her body’s delicate digestive system, post-birth. The menu will start out with extremely simple foods and become more complex as her Agni (digestion) gets stronger. Daily assessments will provide that information to me.

Cleaning and general house keeping:

  • Clean mama's resting area and make sure snacks and drinks are fresh and handy for her throughout the day. 

  • Kitchen cleaning, dishes, help with laundry as needed.

Mama's mid-day body care (while baby is sleeping):

  • New mother Abhyanga and womb blessings (if desired)

  • Wrap her belly in the Ayurvedic traditional method (if desired)

  • Prepare a warm herbal sitz bath and help her bathe on days she plans to do that.


Other supports on an as needed basis: ​

  • Infant massage education and support. 

  • Help bathing the baby.

  • Holding and soothing the baby so mama can rest or simply collect herself and calm her nerves. 

  • General breastfeeding and lactation support (I am not a lactation consultant. If concerns arise outside of my scope of practice, we can call in reinforcements).

  • Birth story processing and emotional support. 

  • Any other needs of the Mother that I can support, I do.

Completing the day:

  • Ensure extra foods and drinks are ready and labeled with heating instructions before I leave so she is set for the night and/or days I'm not there.

  • Check-in with mother/ family and go over any plans for the next visit. 

  • Leave by 2 or 3 pm.

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